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One of the hurdles that vendors face, when selling digital downloads, is fraudulent transactions. However, this should not put you off using eCommerce sites to host your products. As with traditional stores, criminal elements will always try to find ways to illegally obtain your products. The best eCommerce sites use advance algorithms to monitor downloads and transactions, in order to protect your product. Think of these algorithms as digital store detectives, vigilantly watching over your online store, always on the lookout for fraudsters. uses secure servers, which protect your files and revenue. All digital uploads and downloads are closely monitored to ensure that both the seller and customer are protected. As with any business, your relationship with your customers is built on trust. That is why PayLoadz takes the security of your product very seriously. When your customers purchase digital downloads via PayLoadz, they know they are downloading from a secure, trusted source. With so much fraud and malicious content on the internet, safe payment & delivery of digital downloads is an essential need for your customers.

All payment methods on PayLoadz are secure. Your customers can pay for digital downloads using Credit cards, debit card, eChecks and ACH transfers. This fact alone will give your customers the confidence that their payment is secure. Once the payment is made, downloads are also securely delivered to your customer. In fact, PayLoadz will continue to monitor your digital downloads right up to the point that they reach the end user. The safety of both the seller and customer are vitally important to PayLoadz. As an industry leader in digital downloads, PayLoadz is constantly implementing new and improved security measures, which are designed to prevent abuse of the system.

While PayLoadz provides integration with other marketplaces, such as eBay, you won’t compromise the safety of your digital downloads and transactions. Payloadz can handle bulk uploads and downloads, while maintaining a secure platform for your product. Essentially, there is no degradation of security, regardless of whether customers are downloading one or 100 files. The PayLoadz secure download system is built to facilitate multiple downloads, using multiple digital formats, across numerous platforms. Your product couldn’t be in safer hands anywhere else online or in stores.

So, if safe payment & delivery of digital downloads are concerns for you, PayLoadz is the ideal eCommerce to secure your product reaches your genuine customers. Once you become established as a reliable, safe vendor, you will see your sales and revenue increase. Customers are always quick to recommend trusted vendors and PayLoadz is an established player in the digital downloads market. With all your sales statistics at your fingertips, you will have full visibility of sales and download history, which will allow you to keep track of your download activity. Although you can use this feature to monitor your sales, it is also a helpful tool for ensuring that downloads are secure and coming from legitimate customers.

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