Reselling Software Online: No Developer Skills Required

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The Internet can open doors for not only independent software developers, but also for enterprising marketers with the appropriate rights for reselling software online. By partnering with developers, you can increase profits for all involved parties by facilitating sales growth and actively marketing their programs.

Who Holds the Rights for Reselling Software Online

Ultimately, the developer and creator of software programs determine who has the right to sell their products. Legitimately reselling software requires you to obtain permission from the developer for each program you wish to market, and working out an agreement with which both parties are satisfied. Depending on the wording of each unique agreement, you may be able to modify the software or re-brand it in order to increase sales. In order to obtain the rights for reselling software online, you may be required to pay a licensing fee up front or to pay a percentage of the proceeds from each sale back to the developer.

While you may not be the developer responsible for creating software to sell online, you will be attaching your brand to the products you choose to sell. This means you’ll need to make sure the product works as intended, is free of major design flaws and of overall strong quality. A developer’s inability to successfully sell their own program may be attributed to serious issues within the software, but it may also just be the mark of a developer who doesn’t particularly excel in the area of marketing and promotions. Still, make a point of fully testing out any program you’re considering as a candidate for reselling.

Starting Your Business: How to Proceed

In order to establish your online brand, you’ll need to work out a strong business plan which takes several key factors into consideration. The first is marketing and promotions, of which you will bear the burden as a reselling party. While some developers may be willing to help with promotional efforts, many are willing to offer reselling rights to marketers in order to avoid this responsibility. Social media, your personal website and a blog can all help to increase visibility for your products. Working with an affiliate marketing program can also play a significant role in generating sales, since your affiliates will be able to reach audiences to which you have no direct connection.

After you’ve devised a marketing plan which maximizes the scope of your promotional reach, you’ll have to make sure all the new customers you’re attracting are able to easily and safely purchase your product. The easiest and most effective way of offering prompt software delivery and secure payment processing is to work with a proven ecommerce platform like, which also integrates affiliate marketing and other valuable seller tools to increase your profits.

Partnering with software developers and a reputable content delivery service can help you to establish a thriving, lucrative business which specializes in selling software online.


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