Releasing Your Own eBooks for Sale

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You’ve weighed all the options, and you’re ready to take the literary world by storm without a traditional publisher or literary agent. Now all that remains is figuring out how to position and release your eBooks for sale in the digital market. While many new authors assume proprietary marketplaces tied to popular eReader devices are the only option, this isn’t the case. In fact, you can retain more control while keeping more of your earnings by launching a truly independent webstore. It’s easier, less expensive and more attainable than you think.

How to Offer eBooks for Sale Through Your Own Digital Storefront

There’s no denying the power of a massive and widely-used eReader marketplace when it comes to getting exposure for indie eBooks for sale. It just often isn’t an ideal solution on its own.

Plans which allow you to keep the highest total percentage of your earnings will, almost inevitably, require you to fork over a massive amount of control over pricing and positioning. You’ll collect a higher percentage of what may often be a lower price than you’d like, and you won’t be allowed under the terms of the agreement to make your work available through any other avenues. This means you’re only going to be able to reach people who one a single device, which immediately reduces your audience.

Choosing plans which give you more control, along with a lower share of the profits, is often a better choice. Then you’re free to launch your own webstore, which you can easily do using a low-cost template site you build yourself or even a free blog site if you partner with a strong eCommerce platform service provider like Your potential audience increases exponentially, along with your earning potential.

Quick and Easy eBook Sales Management

You don’t have to invest all of your time, effort and startup funding into an expensive site or complex tools to run your own webstore.

High-quality eCommerce platform services make it easy to turn your self-made website into a sales portal, complete with seamless PayPal integration, secure file hosting and automated downloaded delivery. You’ll even have access to zero-risk marketing tools, like affiliate networks, which help you increase the scope of your marketing reach without investing in prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts with no guarantees.

In a matter of moments, you really can launch your career as a self-published author, even on a tiny budget. Why wait?

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