Releasing Your eBooks for Sale

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Do you really need a publisher or literary agent to release your eBooks for sale? With all the tools and services available for online merchants today, the truth is, many authors find they prefer to self-publish their work and sell it independently. When you choose to bypass the traditional publishing model, it’s true that you’re responsible for marketing and sales management. By handling these vital tasks yourself, however, you will also have complete control over your career. You’ll never be forced to surrender reprinting rights, the majority of your earnings or creative control over your intellectual property. The key lies simply in choosing the right system to support your business and needs.

Promoting and Managing eBooks for Sale

For many new authors, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about eBooks for sale is a proprietary device marketplace. Major marketplaces like the Amazon Kindle Store do offer authors the opportunity to publish directly without the interference of an editor, agent or publisher. What many authors don’t realize, though, is that some plans offered by these major marketplaces can substantially limit their control.

To earn the highest percentage of your sales proceeds, most of these marketplaces will require an exclusivity agreement. This means you can not list your eBooks for sale anywhere else. Your audience and potential reach is immediately limited to owners of a single device or reading app. You may also find, upon further examination, that these plans also require you to relinquish control over pricing in the marketplace. You may be earning the highest percentage of the cover price, but you’ll have little to no control over the sale price of your eBook.

The best and most effective option for most authors, new and veteran alike, is to manage an independent web store. While this might sound like a daunting task, all you really need is the right support system in place.

Easy and Effective eBook Sales

You don’t need a major marketplace in order to reap the benefits of automation for your online business. When you list your eBooks for sale through your own web store powered by a reliable eCommerce platform, you get all the perks without relinquishing any of the control.

Systems like are designed to help independent web merchants make the most of their business ventures by offering the tools and services you need to be competitive in the world of online sales. Payments are processed safely and securely through trusted names like Google Wallet and PayPal. Reliable file hosting keeps your files secure, while automated content delivery ensures your customers never have to wait for you to manually share a download link. You’ll also have access to valuable marketing tools when you work with a high-quality service provider. Best of all, these services are inexpensive to maintain and don’t require a large start-up investment.

Get started today; take control of your eBooks for sale, your brand and your work.

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