Releasing Your eBooks for Sale

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Does the idea of releasing your eBooks for sale as a self-published author leave you feeling overwhelmed? With so many different systems and a sea of competition, it can be difficult to know whether you’re making the right decisions for your new business. Before you sign exclusivity agreements or invest money into your new venture, take some time to explore all your options. Self-publishing can be easy, quick and cost effective. The only things you need are a clear understanding of online sales system basics, and the right tools and services for the job.

Offering eBooks for Sale on a Budget

If you’re like most new authors, you don’t have access to unlimited startup funding. Even if you do, however, it’s almost never a wise business move to invest too heavily in your new business. Keep in mind, the more you spend to launch, the more you’ll have to sell in order to simply break even. The goal is profitability, one which is made more difficult to reach when years’ worth of sales are just enough to recoup expenses. Still, you need reliable payment processing, secure file hosting, automated download delivery and a marketing system in place. You’ll also need a quality sales portal, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive, custom-built website. In fact, a dedicated eCommerce platform can give you access to everything but the sales portal, while making it easy for you to turn a free blog site or even an inexpensive template site into the portal your business needs at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive eCommerce services like seamlessly integrate PayPal and Google Wallet for trustworthy payment management, host your eBooks for sale in a secure manner, and ensure no-wait delivery for your customers through automatic order fulfillment. When you choose a high-quality system, you’ll even be able to access the marketing assistance you need without investing more than you can afford before you ever make your first sale.

A Better Way of Marketing eBooks for Sale

When you opt for prepaid ads, including banner ads or sponsored social media posts, you’ll pay heavily without ever seeing a guarantee. Whether your aggressive, expensive campaign nets two sales or two thousand, your money is spent before the first ad goes live.

There’s a better way to make sure your target audience knows you have eBooks for sale in your own web store: affiliate marketing. Affiliate networks are built into the better eCommerce platforms, giving you access to marketing you pay for only when it works. This means you’re never spending money without the guarantee of results, and you’re not spending money in advance to chase a sale. Get your business started today, and find out just how rewarding it can be to manage your own online publishing company.

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