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Has the lack of control over your brand, products and earnings left you disillusioned with the traditional publishing format? More and more authors are choosing to skip the expensive agents and corporate publishing companies in favor of releasing their own eBooks for sale. Before you make any big moves, though, it’s wise to consider all your options. Managed sales through mass eBook retailers might seem like the easiest and most convenient route, but this isn’t always the case. Often, these systems will also leave you with the same level of control you’d find with a traditional publisher. Even if you don’t have a startup investment budget, you can build and launch your own eBook web store.

Offering eBooks for Sale on a Budget

For the vast majority of new authors, funding a self-publishing venture can be something of a challenge. What many don’t realize is just how many systems exist which are designed to help fledgling business ventures become established. Rather than spending a small fortune on a custom-built website alone, consider options which allow you to take advantage of far less expensive systems. Work with a dedicated eCommerce platform, and you’ll be able to turn an inexpensive, easy-to-build template site into a sales hub at a fraction of the cost. Systems like even make it possible to take advantage of free blog sites and social media profiles, further minimizing startup costs.

In addition to cutting costs, a high-quality eCommerce platform streamlines your business by optimizing efficiency. Payments are processed through names your customers trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet. These systems are seamlessly integrated, along with secure file hosting and automated content delivery. You’ll be able to keep everything under a single virtual umbrella, including one of the most potentially expensive and vital needs: marketing.

Promoting eBooks for Sale Effectively

No matter how great your work, you’ll struggle to make headway in a market with so many eBooks for sale if you don’t invest in a marketing plan which increases the size of your reach. It’s crucial to target potential customers around the world to truly reach your full sales potential, but prepaid advertising can be prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, banner ads and sponsored social media posts aren’t guaranteed to result in a sale. If your target audience keeps scrolling when they see your expensive post, you’ve essentially thrown away your money. Fortunately, a strong eCommerce platform will also include access to a low-cost, risk-free system for promoting your brand: affiliate networks.

When you work with an affiliate network built-in to your eCommerce platform, you’re only paying for marketing when it works. A tiny portion of the proceeds from each sale generated by an affiliate is automatically diverted to them. This means you don’t spend money for promotion until it nets your a sale, and your affiliates have an incentive to keep promoting your brand.

You don’t have to be rich to start earning money through eBooks for sale. Publish your work to your own web store today, and see just how easy it can be to succeed in a competitive marketplace without the corporate support of a major publisher.

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