Release Your Own Software: Sell Independently

Selling Software Online


How do you want to distribute your software? Sell it independently, and you’re able to keep more of the profits for yourself. Work with a corporate distribution system, and you’ll benefit from a sizable marketing reach, but may only earn pennies for each dollar in sales your product generates. For many new content merchants, the idea of keeping more money and controlling a brand image completely is the most attractive option. Unfortunately, these same promising entrepreneurs may miss out on the opportunity to build a lucrative business because they’re not sure how to start an online business. You need a large and expensive system in place to market software, sell it on a global scale and establish a name for yourself, right? Actually, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Before you surrender control or sell your distribution rights, take the time to learn just how easy it can be to sell software independently as a self-made online merchant.

Upload Your Software, Sell with Confidence

The first step to establishing your software business is to figure out what you need in order to run your web store successfully. Too many new merchants with promising products find themselves in a difficult position, simply because they over-invested in tools, services and online products they don’t really need. The more you invest at startup, the more money you have to generate before you reach profitability. Make sure you’re investing in the right areas, and that you’re not spending so much that it takes months or years to recoup your initial investment.

For instance, you don’t need an expensive website custom-built for your website to move software. Sell through a free blog site, your social media profiles and even your email signature by choosing a sales portal system built around simple cut-and-paste HTML technology. Choosing a dedicated eCommerce platform like allows you to upload your software, sell it online and even access valuable marketing tools through one low-cost system. You’ll be able to build your own web store in a matter of moments. In the end, an eCommerce service offers everything you need to release software, sell it reliably and maintain your new brand.

What is an eCommerce Platform?

A high-quality eCommerce service is designed to help you succeed in online sales by consolidating all the tools and services you need under a single system. You’ll be able to access secure hosting for your products, along with automated content delivery to ensure your customers are never forced to wait for the software they’ve purchased. Full PayPal and Google Wallet integration gives you and your customers the peace of mind that comes with using trusted, recognizable names in payment processing. The best eCommerce systems even include access to affiliate marketing networks, which connect you with marketers who will help you promote your software, sell it to audiences around the world and build a valuable brand. Get started today, and establish your independent business with ease.

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