Release Your Latest Single by Selling MP3 Downloads

Selling Beats Online as a Low-Cost Startup

A traditional recording contract offers musicians the chance for major exposure and radio play, but can also come with some drawbacks which may not be well-suited to the style of every project. Rather than releasing singles to support a full album, which can take years to write, record and produce properly, the Internet offers you the opportunity to release your music as each track is perfected, selling MP3 downloads along the way.

Why You Should Be Selling MP3 Downloads

Physical copies of an EP, full album or even a polished demo can be strong sellers at a merchandise table, but require you to be present in order to capitalize on a sales opportunity. Without the backing of a major label, getting those copies onto the shelves of all but the smallest independent record stores can be a challenge. The advent of the Internet has allowed bands and solo musicians to revolutionize the way they create and sell their music, with selling MP3 downloads of individual songs topping the list of most popular solutions.

By treating each track as a finished product, rather than a simple component of a larger body of work, you can give every song your undivided attention. Everything you record can get the attention usually only devoted to album singles, which makes all of your products release-quality. Instead of an album with a few strong tracks and a host of filler songs, you can cultivate a body of work which truly reflects your artistic vision. Selling MP3 downloads online can also help you connect with potential fans around the world, rather than only those you’d meet playing small venues in your region.

How to Start Selling MP3 Downloads

In order to start selling your music online, track by track, you’ll need to create a strong body of work which you feel is representative of your band and vision. This may be several songs, or maybe only one for new projects. The Internet does allow you to reach a global audience, but you’ll also be competing with musicians from around the world who are actively working to gain the attention of your potential fan base. In order to be successful, gain new fans and turn a profit, you’ll have to release high-quality content with strong production values.

After you’ve recorded the music you intend to sell, it’s time to choose an ecommerce solution which meets your needs. Maintaining a band, writing and recording new music all require time and energy, as does promoting your existing efforts. Because running a musical project can be so time consuming, it’s wise to work with a content delivery service like, which consolidates content delivery, payment processing and valuable seller tools under one virtual roof. Not only will your new fans be able to purchase music through secure, trusted payment processing services, but they’ll also obtain access to the music they’ve purchased immediately upon completing the transaction. You won’t have to worry about monitoring sales alerts while you’re playing a show, writing a new song or in the recording studio.

Put your musical project on track for international online success by selling MP3 downloads!


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