Reasons to Have a PDF File Secured

PDF File Security

History of the PDF file

Adobe Systems introduced the file format to the world in 1993. A PDF File, or portable document format file, has become the standard for large documents. The file offers a fixed layout document, which includes fonts, text and graphics for display. The PDF file creates a file that can be viewed no matter what it was created in. If a Word document is saved as PDF, for example, it can be viewed with PDF-enabled software. You scan a document, save it in PDF, and it can be viewed or manipulated.

Many people are under a misconception about PDF file security, believing that any document in a PDF file format is secured. This is not the case. It is unsecured until you secure it. If you want the PDF file secured, you can do so. You should understand the reasons to secure it and how.

Securing a PDF file allows you to keep people from changing the document. You have created a document, but if someone were to make enough changes to it, he could claim his was the original and that yours was the changed version. It would be difficult for you to prove otherwise. When you sell digital media like eBooks, make certain no one can change the file.

Securing a PDF File

To create secured PDF files, use public keys or passwords. The security methods rely on encryption. Typically, most businesses use a password that only specific employees know. This is typically determined based on their position. The password allows the document to be viewed or changed. Anyone who might intercept the file without the password could not change it.

Having a PDF file secured by public keys is another option. They offer pre-defined access. The document can be viewed but not changed. Public keys are one way to offer an eBook. As long as someone buys the book and downloads the file, he can read it. He won’t be able to copy it to a new device or change the file.

A PDF file can be printed if it’s password protected. The password can prevent the file from being copied and pasted into another document. This is useful for Digital Rights Management. While secured PDF files can be copied and changed, it is difficult. If someone can break the encryption or password, he can take a screenshot or start retyping the text into a different document. A secured PDF is the best way to ensure safety of digital media text despite the small challenges.

If you plan on selling PDF files on, you may want to utilize one of these security methods.

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