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When you finish your manuscript, seeking out a publisher feels like the natural progression. What many new authors don’t realize, though, is how little control they retain under many traditional publishing contracts. In addition to earning mere pennies from each sale, they’re often left with limited rights over their own work and minimal creative control during the editing process. For some authors, the prestige of potentially seeing their book on a shelf at the local bookstore outweighs the lack of control. Others, however, want to keep more of their earnings while staying in the driver’s seat. In such cases, it’s often best to edit and polish books, publish them in digital format and reap the benefits of independent sales.

Digital Books: Publish eBooks with Relative Ease

Far too often, authors who would thrive under an independent sales system opt instead for the safety and limited control of a traditional publishing contract. What many don’t realize is just how easy it is to properly format books, publish them digitally and get them into the global marketplace. You don’t even have to rely on massive eBook marketplaces tied to popular devices, because it’s simple and inexpensive to maintain your own digital storefront. The trick is partnering with the right service providers to ensure you have the support you need for true online sales success.

How to Self-Publish Your Books

Once your manuscript is finished, converting it into the most popular eBook formats is easy. All that’s left is to launch your web store and support its launch. This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform like makes all the difference. You’re able to streamline almost every aspect of online sales, from payment processing and file hosting to download delivery and risk-free marketing. A free blog site, an inexpensive template site you build yourself in a matter of hours or even a social networking site can serve as sales portals by copying and pasting simple HTML code. Your eBooks are hosted securely to prevent piracy and immediately delivered to buyers in a matter of moments upon payment, which is processed through names you already know and trust. Seamless PayPal integration means you never have to manually process credit card payments or assume the risk of handling sensitive financial information. Best of all, you’re free to invest your profits as you see fit because they’re not being filtered through a publishing company or shared with a literary agent.

It’s never been easier to reach a truly global audience as an independent author. Get started today, and begin writing your own legacy.

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