Ready to Sell? Book Sales without a Publisher

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You have a finished manuscript, but how do you turn it into a sellable product? Working with a traditional publishing company is one option, but it’s notoriously difficult to secure a publishing contract. Those who do often find themselves signing away a significant amount of creative control, rights to their own creations and earnings as they collect a tiny fraction of cover price. Authors who wished to retain control and collect more of their earnings in the past could explore self-publishing, but it was an expensive and often fruitless effort. Fortunately, today’s authors are able to reach audiences around the world by turning their work into a digital product they can sell. Book lovers around the world snap up eBooks to fill dedicated eReader devices, and you have the ability to make your work available to all of them.

How You Sell: Book Sales in the Digital World

For many new authors considering self-publishing, the most appealing option is the managed sales system offered by mass eBook marketplaces tied to proprietary devices. This system allows you to do little more than submit your eBook and collect your earnings, but it there’s more to consider before taking this leap. In order to collect the highest percentage of your earnings, direct publishing agreements often include exclusivity requirements. This means you’re not allowed to sell your own eBook through other avenues, effectively limiting you to only those who use a single device or dedicated app. Other agreements may require you to surrender control over pricing to the retailer as well, leaving you with little more control over your work than you’d have with a traditional publisher. These marketplaces can be valuable resources, but it’s always better to diversify avenues of availability. Starting your own web store allows you to reach anyone, anywhere and can be just as easy as managed sales through a large retailer.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be capable of building a complex website or using complicated seller tools to build a successful digital storefront. With dedicated eCommerce platforms like PayLoadz, you’re able to keep more of your earnings while retaining full and total control over your work.

How eCommerce Platforms Help You Sell Book and Audio Book Files

With a free blog site, a social media presence or an inexpensive website you build yourself, you’re able to build a reliable sales system with the help of a strong eCommerce platform. By integrating everything from payment processing to file hosting, automated order fulfillment to risk-free marketing through affiliate networks, a high-quality platform has you covered. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to get started; why not take the first step toward a fully independent career?

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