Ready to Sell? Book Marketing for Independent Authors

How to Sell Books

After pouring your heart into your manuscript, you’ve decided to self-publish. Do you have the right tools and services in place to successfully sell? Book marketing can seem like a daunting task for the new independent author, but there’s help to be found if you know where to look. With a bit of research and some strategic partnerships, your work can be the next self-published eBook sensation.

Positioned to Sell: Book Store and Market Placement

There are a host of benefits associated with choosing to self-publish in today’s eBook market, but getting started can be confusing for new authors. With so many choices, how do you know when you’re making the right decision? To determine the best path, it’s wise to consider your motivation for self-publishing and your expectations as an author. For most, the ability to retain creative control while keeping a greater share of the profits from each sale are the primary motivators. Unfortunately, many end up making choices which cost them a great deal of control when they’re ready to sell. Book clearinghouse sites and marketplaces can seem like the first and most obvious choice, but it’s important to carefully examine these options. Some only provide their highest royalty share when authors choose to exclusively sell book products through their site tied to a proprietary device. While you’ll enjoy the potential for some exposure, your audience will be immediately limited to only those who own a single eReader brand.

Earning money and making a name for yourself as an author is the drive behind your determination to sell; book marketplaces which restrict your audience can often be counterproductive. In most cases, the best option is non-exclusive placement in each of the major marketplaces in addition to your own online store.

Starting Your Digital Bookstore

Building your own store doesn’t have to be prohibitively complicated. In fact, partnering with the right eCommerce service can make it easier than you ever imagined. Comprehensive online sales platforms like are designed for the independent merchant, offering all the tools and services you need to make your new business venture a success.

Look for a service which offers seamless integration with trusted payment processing systems like PayPal and Google Wallet. This will not only simplify the process of collecting the proceeds from each sale, but also help keep your customers safe. Since the modern online buyer expects instant access to their books, you’ll also want automated download delivery. To really boost the signal and drive revenue, choose a system offering built-in partnerships to help you sell. Book bloggers and other influential personalities can become powerful marketing partners through affiliate marketing tools offered with top-notch platforms.

What are you waiting for? Get your eBook out there, and make your dreams of becoming a published author come true.

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