Protecting Your Ebook Download

Protect Your eBook Download

One of the most attractive aspects of an ebook is the ability to easily and conveniently purchase, share and load files into a dedicated ereader device. Unfortunately, the same ease of sharing which makes these products so appealing can present a great potential for loss and piracy among authors. Content creators who sell digital downloads must make a point of familiarizing themselves with the most popular methods of content protection, or risk losing money as files are illegally shared for free.

Ebook Download Security Measures

There are two primary concerns for self-published authors who choose to sell ebook downloads: illegal sharing, and the potential for plagiarism. The former is an ongoing problem, but can be capitalized upon in the form of future sales as it helps, in some ways, to promote your work. A pirated ebook can spread around the world with startling alacrity, leading readers from all corners of the globe to learn your name and become fans of your work. The latter, however, is a problem with no real silver lining.

When you’re selling digital downloads of your ebook and it’s pirated, your name will almost always be left intact so end users know whose work their reading. Plagiarists, however, present an entirely different problem. These unscrupulous people attempt to pass of your work as their own, essentially helping them to build a brand on the strength of your product.

How a Great Ecommerce Platform Helps to Protect Your Business

Operating your own web store doesn’t have to mean maintaining a series of complex features when you choose an ecommerce service provide. Furthermore, a strong and reliable service like allows you to protect your work by ensuring your files absolutely cannot be accessed until money has been paid for the product. Selling digital downloads through a reputable ecommerce provider also provides you with some degree of tracking ability, as you can establish ownership of your intellectual property by proving your publishing date.

Ebook security is an important consideration for self-published authors who choose to sell digital downloads of their product. Because personal websites can be easily compromised, it’s almost always better to work within a system which is proven to be reliable and secure. Don’t run the risk of finding another merchant profiting from your hard work by selling your ebook as their own. Set up a strong, secure sales platform from the very first day of release, and protect your interests as a new author.

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