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You may have written the greatest novel of a generation, but you won’t be able to build your author brand or earn a profit if no one knows it exists. To successfully sell your ebook download, you’ll have to find creative and effective marketing plans capable of boosting your product’s visibility. While there are hundreds of marketing plan options available to the self-published author, one of the most cost-effective and efficient is affiliate marketing. Clickbank, one of the more recognizable names in this industry, is only the tip of the iceberg.

What is Clickbank?

In order to utilize this type of promotional tool you’ll need to have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing. Clickbank is one of the larger affiliate networks on the Internet today, and it’s designed to connect product merchants with marketing professionals capable of boosting product visibility. For example, a well-established web personality or a blogger with a sizable following is able to monetize those followers by marketing high-quality products.

Marketers are able to earn a percentage of the proceeds from each sale they generate, earning money each time one of their followers or fans purchases a sponsored product. Content creators are able to reach audiences which would otherwise be beyond their reach while only paying for successful marketing. Unlike banner ads and other prepaid forms of promotion, this particular type of marketing costs money only when it works. A small percentage of each ebook download sale compensates marketing partners and secures another customer who can help to spread awareness through word-of-mouth advertising.

Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank and Your Ebook Download

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, Clickbank isn’t your only option. In fact, choosing a high-quality ecommerce platform to streamline sales operations and transaction management will often include access to a dedicated affiliate network. Ecommerce services like make it easy to streamline all of your services, keeping everything under one virtual roof for ease of access and management.

Don’t let your ebook download languish; affiliate marketing, Clickbank and platform-included seller tools can all boost its profile and marketing reach. Promoting your product is vital to its success, so be sure you’re exploring all of your available marketing avenues to increase sales.


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