Promote Your Band While Earning a Profit: Sell Ringtones

Sell Tracks Online

As a musician, you know how hard it can be to get the exposure you need to build an audience. Setting up your web store to sell music theoretically gives you access to customers around the world, but you still need to reach new listeners in order to win new fans. Choosing the right marketing partners can help you to promote your work to other online users, but what if there was a way you could reach people throughout the day, out in the real world? By selling ringtones, you can effectively turn your existing fans into brand ambassadors who market for you, just by turning on their cell phones.

Why Sell Ringtones Online?

The heyday of the custom ringtone may be behind us, but the bubble hasn’t completely burst. In fact, this is a great time to start selling ringtones as a marketing tool, because your buyers are more likely to set a new tone and stick with it than they were in the days of compulsively collecting ringtones. These days, people who purchase a ringtone are far more likely to act as a real brand ambassador for your band. This makes a short snippet of your music one of the most valuable tools at your disposal for helping to grow your audience.

Every time a customer’s phone rings, your music will be audible to everyone around them. When a large group is exposed to your music, you have the chance to earn a new fan or two with every call.

Selling Ringtones: Gathering the Right Tools

Just like any other digital product, you’ll need the right tools to successfully sell ringtones online. T His means securing trustworthy payment processing through recognizable names, like PayPal and Google Wallet, along with reputable file hosting. You’ll also need to make sure your customers have access to their new ringtones immediately, so you can’t rely on manual monitoring to send out download links.

You need a system you can trust to streamline all of your daily operations, so you’re able to earn money while expending minimal management effort. With an ecommerce platform like, you can sit back and collect your profits while you focus on other projects. Daily store management is almost non-existent, and your platform will combine all the things you need for sales success under one virtual roof. Payment processing, content hosting, download delivery and marketing tool access are all at your fingertips, so you can spend just minutes a day on your store itself. The rest of your free time can then be dedicated to promotion, sales and creating new content.

Don’t let this valuable marketing opportunity pass you by; when you start selling your music in your own webstore, consider the marketing value of also selling ringtones.

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