Profit from Your Knowledge Base: Sell Ebooks as Instructional Manuals

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Whether it’s a favorite hobby, an area of study or a natural talent, it is possible for those with a specialized knowledge base to make money by selling ebooks online. Rather than working to establish a contractual relationship with a major publisher, which can take years to complete and often rewards a mere fraction of total profits in royalty payments, experts can become self-published authors who retain greater control over their body of work and earn greater percentages of profits from each sale. Translating your expertise into a paycheck will require some dedication and work, but can also lead to residual income which continues to grow over time.

How to Start Selling Ebooks

Selling ebooks as instructional manuals, how-to guides or informational non-fiction can be a profitable venture, but is typically successful only if content creators learn to market a polished, high-quality product properly. While the relatively low bar to entry does make it easier for legitimate resources to become sellable products, it also allows less scrupulous merchants to take advantage of their customers. The market can quickly become flooded for low-quality products, which means a quickly assembled how-to offering little valuable information is not likely to remain a viable product for long. Even if these merchants are able to sell an ebook download to several customers after product launch, negative reviews which reflect the quality of the product will discourage subsequent purchases by new customers.

The best and most effective way to profit from selling ebooks based upon your personalized knowledge is to work diligently during the content creation process, including editing and polishing phases. Even the best marketing plan will struggle to bolster sales for a sub-par product, but great ebook download products backed by a strong marketing plan are likely to enjoy some degree of sales success.

Gathering the Right Tools

As an expert in a specialty area, you know the importance of selecting the right tools for any job; selling and marketing an ebook download is no exception. In order to be successful in your venture, you’ll want to use products and services which increase efficiency while boasting a high ease-of-use factor for your clients. There is also a bare minimum which must be met in order to sell ebooks online. If nothing else, you must at least acquire these tools:

  • Payment processing capability

  • Content delivery systems

  • Access to marketing tools

A comprehensive ecommerce platform solution like combines all of these crucial elements, along with additional merchant tools, to create a seamless system ideal for both beginning online merchants and established veterans. With the right system in place, you can start selling ebooks which draw from your existing knowledge base, helping you become an online sales success.


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