Preparing for Your First Software Sale

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You’ve been designing and giving away software while you perfect your skills; are you ready to take the next step? Your first software sale marks the beginning of a potentially long and lucrative journey, but it’s important to make sure you’re set up properly before you launch. The decisions you make now can and will affect your business in the future, so why not take some time to carefully consider all your options?

Minimizing Overhead with Software Sale Systems

The more you spend on your business before making your first sale, the harder and longer the journey to profitability. Every dollar you spend is one you’ll have to recoup through sales in order to break even, let alone start earning a profit.

These days, there’s absolutely no reason to spend money on a professional website with all the complicated bells and whistles. It’s an enormous expense, and it will likely require near-constant maintenance. Streamlining your operation is the key to efficiency, which is where systems like become so valuable.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms make it easy to save money in a number of different ways. Because you can copy and paste simple HTML code to turn anything from a free blog site to an inexpensive template site into a sales portal, you’re able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in one fell swoop. Because high-quality service providers seamlessly integrate trusted payment systems like PayPal and Google Wallet, you never have to worry about assuming the liability involved with manually processing payments. Your software is hosted securely, and order fulfillment is totally automated so your customers never have to wait to receive the products they’ve purchased.

Inexpensive and Effective Software Marketing

No matter how innovative or exciting your programs, you won’t be able to make a single software sale if no one knows your brand exists. Because of this, marketing is one of the most vital aspects of running any type of business centered around sales. It can also be one of the most expensive, particularly if you rely upon prepaid ads and sponsored social media posts to get the word out about your software.

You’ll spend money on these ads before they even go up, which means you’ll pay just as much for an ineffective ad campaign as you would for one that brings in hundreds of buyers. You’re essentially gambling with your marketing budget, which is even more frightening a prospect when that budget is small. Fortunately, the same high-quality eCommerce platform which handles your payment processing, file hosting and product delivery can also give you access to an affiliate network. Rather than paying up front for ads with no guarantees about success, you’re able to pay for marketing only when it works through a commission process.

You have the skills, the tools and the knowledge you need; now, it’s time to launch your business!

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