Positioning Your eBooks for Sale Online

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Are you ready to list your eBook for sale in the online marketplace? With so many different options for self-published authors, settling on a sales outlet can be more overwhelming than writing and editing a manuscript. Having a basic grasp of not only the tools you need to facilitate sales, but also how to position your products, can help you to wade through all of the choices until you find one that’s ideally suited to your needs. Before you invest large sums of money into a startup, take some time to explore the needs of a fledgling eBook business so you can balance them against the options at your disposal to make informed decisions every step of the way.

Tools You Need to Release an eBook for Sale

One of the most common misconceptions about self-publishing in digital format is that you need an expensive website built by a professional web designer, featuring all the latest bells and whistles. The truth is, over-investing in a website or any other sales systems makes it more difficult for you to break even, let alone reach profitability. The more you spend in the beginning, the more you’ll have to sell in order to recoup expenses. Only then will you see a return on those big investments. Instead, look for systems which allow you to make use of inexpensive template sites you can build yourself with no experience, or even free blog sites. The ability to integrate a functional and reliable system into a low-cost site helps you keep your overhead low, letting you reach profitability sooner. In order to successfully integrate all the tools you need in order to release an eBook for sale, though, you must first know what those tools are and the roles they play in your business plan.

First and foremost, you must be able to send and receive money reliably. You can’t earn a profit if you can’t collect payments, and your potential customers are likely to balk at payment processing systems which require them to surrender their sensitive financial information. This is where trusted systems like PayPal and Google Wallet become indispensable. Secure file hosting is equally vital, and since today’s buyer is not accustomed to waiting for digital downloads after completing a purchase, so is automated content delivery. Marketing is another crucial component, because you won’t be able to sell your products if your target audience doesn’t even know you have an eBook for sale in your web store.

Pulling it All Together: Preparing Your eBook for Sale

Dedicated eCommerce platforms are the single most valuable service for self-published authors looking to launch a fully independent business. Systems like PayLoadz.com offer seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration to take the guesswork out of payment processing, while your files are hosted securely and immediately delivered to your customers. If you can cut and paste simple HTML, you can even turn your own template site or blog site into a portal for listing your eBook for sale. You’re able to keep costs low while also accessing quality marketing tools, like affiliate networks. Get started today, and become a self-sufficient author, no publishing company required!

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