Popular Types of Digital Downloads to Sell Online


You know online marketing and sales presents you with the opportunity to earn money from products you’ve created or have legal permission to sell, but how do you know which types of digital downloads are most popular? Even if you’re planning to sell only content you’ve created yourself and have a limited area of expertise, it still pays to have a basic knowledge of the online marketplace.

Common Digital Download Products

Because the Internet transcends the geographical boundaries, you’re opening the door to a world of potential customers when you make your digital downloads available online for sale. You can corner an under-served area of a market with which you’re already familiar, catering to the needs of a niche audience or working to develop products with more universal appeal. While there is a market for almost any subject matter you can imagine, these are some of the most common digital products sold on the Internet right now.

  • EbooksThe rise of e-reader devices has contributed to a massive spike in ebook sales, making it one of the most popular digital downloads to sell online. Genre fiction, poetry, children’s books, non-fiction and instructional books are all popular choices, and can be published online without the support of a major publishing house.
  • MP3s – Music is a perennial favorite among purchasers of digital downloads. Whether you’re a musician selling your own work or have licensing rights to sell others’ songs, this is a profitable area in which you could invest.
  • Videos – From scripted dramas to comedies and how-to reels, digital video downloads are another strong performer in the online marketplace.
  • Art and Photography – Almost every website, blog post and piece of advertising text you see will be accompanied by some sort of visual element, be it stock photographs or clipart. Selling stock photos and digital art online is a great way to make money while providing a valuable product.
  • Craft Patterns – Knitting patterns, digital scrapbooking layouts and tutorials sell quite well in the online hobby community, especially when they’re created or marketed by those who are also part of the community and have an established online presence.
  • Documents – One of the most commonly searched-for items on the Internet is a template for a last will and testament, but estate planning and legal forms aren’t the only documents which sell well online. Almost any template you can imagine can have a market, especially if they address a common need.

Choosing the right digital downloads to sell online will depend largely upon your area of content creation or marketing expertise. Regardless of what kind of digital product you choose as a foundation for your online business, however, you should make a point of using a proven ecommerce solution like PayLoadz.com to ensure smooth order fulfillment, instant customer access and secure payment processing. Your reputation as a business operator will depend heavily on your ability to provide these key customer services with ease, and automation through a content delivery service can help to support your all-important brand image.


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