Photo Sale Systems for Independent Merchants

Selling Digital Files

Are you ready to get your stock photography business off to a strong start? With so many options at your disposal, choosing a photo sale system can be quite daunting. Should you invest heavily in a custom website built by a professional, with all the bells and whistles? Or is a microstock site, with managed sales and shared profits, the better choice? The truth is, for most new online merchant, neither of these are the ideal option. Managing and maintaining a fully independent business doesn’t require expensive investments, and you don’t have to settle for a fraction of your earnings and limited control through a microstock system. All you need is the right eCommerce platform service, and you’re on your way to sales success.

What You Need for Your First Photo Sale and Beyond

You need the same tools, services and capabilites for your first photo sale that you’ll need for each one thereafter. Payment processing systems your customers can trust, like PayPal and Google Wallet, are vital. You’ll also need secure file hosting to keep your products safe, and automated order fulfillment to eliminate the potential for human error. You can’t afford to miss a single delivery, especially when you’re first starting your business. One mishandled credit card number can be a disaster. This is where a cohesive, comprehensive eCommerce platform saves the day.

By integrated trusted and secure payment processing systems, file hosting and automated download delivery, an eCommerce platform like takes all the guesswork out of maintaining your business. In fact, you’re able to let your service provder handle most of your daily operations, leaving you more time to focus on creating new material and expanding your photo sale reach. Stong service providers will even give you access to reliable, risk-free marketing through built-in affiliate networks.

Marketing as Part of Your Photo Sale System

The more you can consolidate, the less you have to manage in hands-on fashion. Marketing is no exception, but there’s more to be gained from affiliate marketing through your eCommerce platform than mere convenience.

Investing in prepaid marketing is always a gamble, whether it’s a run of sponsored social media posts or a banner ad campaign. You pay up front for ads which may or may not ever result in a sale. When your marketing budget is small, every penny counts. Taking advantage of affiliate networks built into your photo sale and eCommerce management system allows you to pay for marketing only when it works. You’re never risking your funding, and you’re able to get the attention of customers far beyond your own organic reach. Get your stock image business started today, and start earning money by doing what you love.

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