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You know your way around a camera and photo editing software, but does the idea of starting your own web store seem overwhelming? Photo sale businesses can be both lucrative and emotionally rewarding, but too many promising photographers give up before they ever get started. You don’t need thousands of dollars to invest in custom websites and complex tools; all you need is the right systems in place before you launch. With a strong business plan and a system built to benefit both you and your customers, it’s easy to skip the microstock sites in favor of your very own independent web store.

Tools and Capabilities Photo Sale Businesses Need

The best way to choose a sales system is to determine not only what you actually need to get started, but to also identify the things which may be an unnecessary expense. For instance, you can’t make money if you’re not able to process payments from your customers. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need the ability to process credit cards yourself, though. Trusted and reliable systems like PayPal and Google Wallet give your customers an added sense of security while costing you less and requiring less of a time investment than other payment methods. You don’t need to manually monitor sales alerts, either. Automating content delivery is more than a convenience feature; it actually helps to protect your customer service reputation. When there’s no chance of missing a photo sale alert, there’s no chance of missing a delivery. Your customers gain access to the files they’ve purchased immediately, bolstering their satisfaction and their review ratings. You can’t sell products to people who aren’t aware of your brand, so marketing is vital.

Systems like help you to automate and streamline every aspect of your business while launching on a tiny budget. If you can copy and paste simple HTML code, you can skip the expensive professional website in favor of an inexpensive template site or even a free blog site. Seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration means payment processing you can trust, while your files are hosted securely at every step. Each photo sale is managed, so you’re free to focus on what you do best: creating new content.

Boosting Photo Sale Figures with Strong Marketing

You know marketing is an absolutely vital component of your business model, but what you might not realize is that it doesn’t have to be a gamble. Rather than investing heavily in risky, prepaid marketing which may or may not be effective, you can take advantage of high-quality tools through a strong eCommerce platform. Built-in affiliate network access allows you to connect with powerful marketing partners who essentially work on a small commission basis. This means you only pay for marketing when it’s effective, and your affiliates have a built-in incentive to actively promote your brand.

Get your photo sale business off to a strong start today. Choose a great eCommerce platform, and make your dreams of online sales success come true.

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