Photo Sale and Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Is there a potential goldmine sitting in folders on your hard drive, taking up space when it could be earning you money? If you have an eye for photography, launching a photo sale business isn’t out of reach. You don’t need a large startup investment, an expensive website built by a professional or the help of a microstock site to get started. In fact, you can launch your business on a shoestring budget, reap all the benefits of managed sales while still maintaining total independence from the microstock structure. All you need is a bit of insider knowledge.

Why Should I Start My Own Photo Sale Business?

There are a number of reasons why microstock sites simply aren’t appealing to many photographers. Your work may be rejected simply because there are too many other contributors covering similar subject matter, even if your shots are more interesting and engaging. You’ll only collect a tiny portion of your earnings, and will likely be limited in where and how you can sell each image you upload to a managed photo sale site. With so many other contributors, it’s almost impossible to set yourself apart, or to build a viable brand outside of these sites. If you want to establish a name for yourself while building a strong brand, keep more of your earnings and curate your own product catalog, starting your own web store is the best option.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like make it easier than ever to get started. You don’t need an expensive website stacked with complex sales tools; you can turn anything from a free blog site to an easy, inexpensive template site into a sales portal. Seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration gives you access to reliable payment processing customers around the world trust. Your photos are hosted securely, and automatically delivered to your buyers within seconds of completing a transaction. When you choose a high-quality eCommerce platform, you’ll even have access to the marketing tools you need to expand your reach without gambling on prepaid advertising.

Photo Sale Marketing with No Risk

When you invest in prepaid marketing and sponsored social media posts, you’re paying for the potential to increase traffic and sales. You’ll spend the same amount to get those ads up, whether they result in a thousand sales or none at all. This is where affiliate networks built into strong eCommerce platforms can change everything. Affiliate marketers promote your brand in exchange for a small portion of the proceeds from each sale they close. Since they essentially work on commission, you only pay for marketing when it’s effective. You don’t have to take any risks with your money. Your eCommerce platform does all the work of delivering content and processing payments every time you make a photo sale, so you’re able to focus on what truly sets your business apart from the pack: your great content.

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