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As an aspiring artist, you know just how hard it can be to get the break you need with so many artists in the world. Trying to sell your art in galleries and other stores can lead to a lot of failure and disappointment, because everyone has a different style.Even if your art is truly amazing, you must find an audience who shares your vision. So how do you reach enough people at one time so you’re bound to find the groups of people who have the same eye for art as you? The Internet. The web is filled with thousands of eager people always scrolling and posting, and it’s  the best possible way to get your art out there for the world to see. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest.

Make Art 
The first step to the process is obviously going to be creating your product. It is good to have a wide range of your work, so people can see your different styles and talents. Putting together an online art portfolio will be the best first step. Once you have all your files in one place, upload them to a digital marketplace where your buyers can pay to download their favorite pieces. Don’t forget to keep your art unique and original, that way you can catch your viewer’s eyes when scrolling through a site filled with other people’s art.

Connect with Buyers Who Pay to Download Art 
Now for the crucial next step: finding a site to properly display your art. Social media can prove to be an ideal method of marketing and displaying your art, but these profiles don’t make it easy for buyers to pay to download your art. What you’ll need is a strong eCommerce platform, which allows you to turn all of your networking tools into viable sales portals. A service like streamlines the process, combining secure file hosting, safe payment processing and instant content delivery. Using a quality eCommerce platform is the easiest way to get your art out there for the world to see. Since they take the hard work of managing sales out of your hands, all you have to do is upload your work to the site and start sharing links.

Don’t wait another day, your art is waiting to be seen by the world. You’re ready to start earning money for all your hard work, and connecting with people willing to pay to download your masterpieces is easy with a great eCommerce platform. Start making money from your artwork today; start an online store, and make a name for yourself in the digital art world.

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