PayPal, Software Management and Marketing Tools

Selling Crafts

Are you ready to start selling your work online? If so, it’s time to start thinking beyond PayPal. Software sales systems can boost efficiency while keeping your costs down, but only if you choose the right ones for the job. This means you’ll need a basic understanding of your sales tools, including PayPal, before you launch.

How PayPal, Software Hosting and eCommerce Platforms Work Together

If you’ve ever made a digital purchase online, there’s a good chance you paid for those goods with PayPal. Software designers and merchants around the world trust systems like PayPal and Google Wallet, and so do their customers. While these top-of-the-line systems manage everything relating to how you send and receive money, that’s actually all they do. You won’t have access to software hosting, automated download delivery, marketing tools or the simple HTML code you need to turn any free blog site or inexpensive template site into a sales portal unless you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform. Systems like are designed to streamline your entire operation, seamlessly integrating Google Wallet and PayPal, software delivery and hosting tools. When you choose a high-quality service provider, you’ll even have access to the marketing tools you need to build traffic and boost brand visibility.

Beyond PayPal: Software Sales Tools for New Merchants

If you’ve never sold digital goods, sorting though all the options available to you can be a daunting task all on its own. Too many promising content creators never get their businesses started, due to simple misconceptions about what you do and do not need in order to succeed. For instance, there’s no reason to invest thousands of dollars into a high-end website custom-designed for your business by an expensive professional. Low-cost and even free options are available to you when you have the support of comprehensive systems that support every facet of your business.

It’s also not necessary to overinvest in prepaid marketing. In fact, because banner ads and sponsored social media posts aren’t even guaranteed to yield results, it can be a bad move when you’re just getting started. Choose an eCommerce platform which also includes access to affiliate marketing networks, and you’ll be able to take advantage of powerful marketing systems which require absolutely no investment up front and carry no risk. Your products will be hosted securely, automatically delivered to your customers with no intervention from you and your payments will be processed via methods which protect both you and your customers. Get started today, and find out just how easy it can be to combine the power of PayPal, software sales and marketing tools for a new generation.

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