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Are you ready to stop giving your software away for free, and start building a viable online business? Navigating the world of PayPal, software download tools and sales management systems can seem overwhelming to the newcomer, but getting your business up and running doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, you can launch in a few hours on a shoestring budget, provided you have the right systems in place. Before you invest any more time, effort or money into your new venture, take a moment to carefully research all your options. You may find, like many software merchants before you, that a plan built around a high-quality eCommerce platform is the best possible solution.

Understanding the Importance of PayPal, Software Management and Marketing

No matter what type of product you’re selling, it’s important to understand what your new business needs. It’s equally important to be aware of what you don’t need, in order to avoid overinvesting in unnecessary areas. While it’s a vital part of any online business, there’s more to launching than starting an account with PayPal. Software merchants also need access to secure file hosting, automated content delivery and marketing tools.

This is where a dedicated eCommerce platform like shines. You’re able to seamlessly integrate trusted payment processing systems like Google Wallet and PayPal, software hosting and content delivery under a single virtual umbrella. Since you can’t sell products to people who don’t know your brand exists, it’s also wise to choose a high-quality platform which includes built-in access to affiliate networks. Through these proven marketing systems, you’re able to avoid high-risk prepaid advertising in favor of promotion you pay for only when it results in a sale. Not only are you not spending money to chase the potential for traffic, you’re also able to start racking up sales without access to a large startup investment.

Beyond PayPal: Software Sales in Today’s World

One of the biggest misconceptions among those new to digital product sales is the idea that you must invest heavily in an expensive, custom-built website stocked with all the latest bells and whistles. This simply isn’t true. The more you spend on your website, the more you’ll have to sell in order to reach profitability. While it’s true you’ll need more than just PayPal, software merchants don’t have to assume the expense of maintaining an overly complex website. If you can cut and paste HTML, you’re able to take advantage of systems within your eCommerce platform which allow you to turn anything from a free blog site to an inexpensive template site into a sales portal.

Establishing your brand and earning money through online software sales can be easy and rewarding. Get started today, and take the first step toward your future.

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