PayPal, Software and Sales: What You Should Know

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Does the number of marketing services, sales management and promotional tools leave you overwhelmed? If so, you’re certainly not alone. New merchants enter the online sales force every day, but an even greater number of promising entrepreneurs find themselves so unsure of where to start that their businesses are never launched. Web-based services like PayPal, software marketplace websites and a wide range of other options all position themselves as vital to the online merchant. How do you know where to start? Before you launch your software sales business, take the time to learn which tools among all these offerings really can be the keys to your success.

Understanding PayPal: Software Sales in the Digital World

Even if you’ve never sold a single product online before launching your software business, there’s a good chance you recognize one of the world’s largest and most trusted ways to pay and get paid: PayPal. Software, music and eBook sellers around the world rely upon this payment processing giant, but newcomers may only have a vague idea of how the service works. Since it is one of the truly essential sales tools, it’s wise to dig a bit deeper into it’s services and capabilities.

If you’ve bought anything online, digital or otherwise, there’s a good chance you used PayPal to complete the transaction. Because the experience of brand new merchants is so often limited to the buyer side of PayPal, software sales and marketing from the merchant side can be a bit confusing. While entering your PayPal account information is typically the last thing that happens before a digital download is automatically delivered, PayPal does not offer order fulfillment. Their site does not provide hosting, or a sales page. PayPal is simply a trusted way to pay and be paid online. This means that, in order to provide your customers with the full experience, you’ll need to think beyond just PayPal.

Integrating PayPal – Software Sales Success

You want your business to be successful. This means you’ll have to ensure your customers have the right purchasing experience. You need payments to be processed through PayPal, and content delivered immediately. As a merchant, you also need to be able to access important marketing tor ols, secure file hosting and other valuable seller’s tools. Because you must be able to dedicate time and energy to new product development and promotion, it’s also crucial that your sales management system is as efficient as possible.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like provide a comprehensive solution to sales and management. Seamless PayPal and Google Wallet integration allows you to provide yourself and your customers with the best possible experience. You’ll even have access to important marketing tools with built-in affiliate network capabilities.

Don’t let confusion and the sheer number of service options prevent you from making your software business a reality. Get started today, and you could be earning money in no time.

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