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Have you been giving your software away for free? Whether you’re worried about the perceived labor and funding required to start your own business or simply don’t know where to start, it’s time to take the plunge. It’s easier than ever to make your mark in the world of online sales. When you work with powerful and trusted names like PayPal, software businesses become simple to manage. Taking advantage of high-quality eCommerce platforms and other dedicated systems is the key to success, whether you’re a first-time seller or an experienced software merchant.

Beyond PayPal: Software Sales Systems You Need

If you’ve ever made a digital purchase online, there’s a good chance you paid for those goods using PayPal. Software merchants and purveyors of all types of digital goods around the world trust this payment processing giant. Still, there’s more to online sales than just PayPal. In order to be successful, you must consider a number of services, tools and outside factors. For instance, a large startup investment can help you launch extravagantly, but will dramatically delay profitability. Whether you have access to a substantial level of funding or not, it’s far better to invest carefully so you can start earning a profit sooner.

Eliminating the need for an expensive, complex website built by a highly-paid professional is one of the single most effective ways of slashing your startup budget. Instead, consider working with an all-inclusive, comprehensive eCommerce service like These services offer a number of benefits, including the flexibility to take advantage of free blog sites, inexpensive template sites or social media profiles as sales hubs. Payments are processed through seamless integration with Google Wallet and PayPal. Software is securely hosted, and automatically delivered to your customers. Best of all, you’ll have access to no-risk marketing which requires absolutely no up-front payment.

Adding to the Power of PayPal: Software Marketing and Investment

Prepaid banner ads or sponsored social media posts aren’t the only option for marketing. Not only are they expensive; their effectiveness isn’t even guaranteed. You may have great success with a prepaid social media advertising campaign, or your target audience may scroll right past those ads. This is where risk-free systems like affiliate networks become so valuable. You’re connected with marketers who will promote your brand and your products. In exchange, you share a portion of the proceeds from each sale they generate. You only pay for marketing when it works, and your affiliates work hard to keep earning their commission. Your brand visibility grows, revenue goes up and your business turns a profit.

Start exploring your options today. Augment powerful tools like PayPal; software customers will flock to your store, and you’ll be able to sell your products with total freedom and control.

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