PayPal Shopping Cart Choices

PayPal Shopping Cart

The alternative to PayPal as an independent payment system.

PayPal, a payment system, is an online bank with a debit card, withdrawal system to your land-based bank and a fee system for payments sent or received. This catchall payment system is used by a wide variety of businesses around the world. Yet, it’s a stand-alone system. You still need to have a storefront or website to sell your items. The PayPal shopping cart allows you to use PayPal on your website without customers needing to leave the page. Of course, PayPal payment services are integrated into the payment and delivery services, and you can use those even without a website of your own.

PayPal Shopping’s How-to Guide

After you set up your website, download your digital files to a digital goods service. Set up your storefront by selecting products to market. Get the shopping cart the digital goods service company offers you. This shopping cart should be designed for all your needs, and it should integrate with places like eBay and Amazon. Once you have the website set up, go to PayPal shopping to create your business merchant account. Select the option where you use a three-step payment process from PayPal, all with an instant payment scheme. You would download the PayPal shopping cart to your website. In the corner or somewhere on the page, you’ll have a PayPal insignia, which acts as a button on which consumers can click. They don’t need to go to the shopping cart if they’re paying with PayPal.

Payment with PayPal the Easy Way

Because your customers might want to use PayPal, you need the ability to accept it. The payment system can be accessed from any page with the PayPal shopping cart. The shopping cart will pull up as a pop-up page. Customers never leave your site. They see what’s in the cart, select “yes” to pay by logging into their PayPal account and make the payment. As soon as the system reads the submit button has been selected, the instant download and a link are provided. A customer would then click on the link to start the download, without ever leaving your website. This quick and simple method ensures your customers can use the payment system of their choice.

Shopping Cart Discounts

You can offer shopping cart discounts with your digital goods service when it’s tied to PayPal. Nothing will change, other than you made it easier for your customers to access the payment method they want. The shopping cart asks whether there are any discount or coupon codes to enter before final payment. If the number or option is selected, the payment amount changes. The final submit payment appears so the transaction can be completed.

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