PayPal Instant Payments for Your Site

What Is PayPal Instant PaymentWhat is PayPal?

PayPal, an electronic payment system, allows online users to make payments for shopping, goods and services, sometimes using a credit card. Because PayPal is a secure method for paying for goods or services on an independent site, it keeps the payment account from being known. It is an instant payments system: The moment you hit transfer, funds appear in the online account. Payment also appears in the seller’s online account immediately.

Why Use PayPal?

PayPal instant payments system is the leading online payments transfer system. Other systems function like PayPal, but they don’t have the same reputation. It’s possible to make payments through a checking account, major credit card, or ACH payment; however, it’s not always as fast. It can take days when you use a bank or major credit card before the money transfers to the bank account. When you use instant payments like PayPal, payment occurs right away. Many consumers use PayPal for online purchases, so you need PayPal instant payments for your digital media site or any other e-commerce site you might own.

Setting Up an Account

It’s easy to set up an account to receive instant payments. All you need is to provide a login email and password. PayPal requires identifying information such as address, phone number and Social Security number. It requires this for verification procedures when you link a regular account with your bank account to transfer money from the electronic world to your physical account. You can always request the money in your account to be put on a credit card or sent as a check, but it’s usually faster to enable direct transfer, and it’s free. This applies to regular or standard business accounts.

If you plan to run an e-commerce site, the site needs to take PayPal instant payments. PayPal links its system directly with your website. You need to choose the e-commerce option and pay a small fee. The company website walks you through the entire process. Once it is set up, visitors to your website go to the shopping cart when they want to check out and choose the form of payment to be made. After payment is made, they can access the eBook, movie file or audio file they purchased through a download link provided through a download delivery service such as Of course, PayLoadz also uses PayPal as one of its payment services and can service all your e-commerce needs through one easy to use solution.

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