PayPal Downloads: Separating Myth from Reality

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If you’ve purchased digital goods online, there’s a strong chance you paid for those products with PayPal. Downloads and physical products alike are sold online all day, around the world, with both sellers and buyers alike relying on the safety and security of PayPal to complete their transactions. Because of the way PayPal’s system is structured, though, it’s not uncommon for online merchants who are just beginning their new business ventures to be confused about PayPal, downloads management and content delivery.

Hosting and Delivering Pay Download Products

When you purchase a pay download using PayPal as a payment processing service, the last thing you do before being redirected to a download link is submit your account information. Because PayPal is the last visible step in the process, it’s far from uncommon for new merchants and online buyers to believe PayPal downloads are hosted on their services. In fact, such a smooth transition actually indicates seamless integration with a high-quality ecommerce platform service provider. PayPal downloads themselves don’t actually exist, because they don’t offer hosting or download delivery services.

How to Integrate Your Product Download, PayPal and Your Web Store

When you build your web store, you’ll have a staggering array of options at your disposal. The best and most effective for the vast majority of merchants, established and beginners alike, is to work with a trusted and reliable ecommerce platform provider. Services like are designed to integrate PayPal, downloads hosting and delivery with highly valuable seller tools. At a fraction of the price you’d spend to have a professional website built, you’re able to reap the benefits of a comprehensive system. Even better, you’re building a webstore maintained by professionals, so you never have to worry about maintaining your own complicated website or sales systems.

When you’re drafting your business plan, make sure you’re including a reputable and reliable ecommerce solution to streamline all of your daily operations. Your bottom line, and your peace of mind, will flourish when you’re able to reap all the benefits of a simple, easy-to-use sales solution free of confusion. Don’t let common misconceptions keep you from building a successful, lucrative business. With the right tools and services at your disposal and a strong business plan, you’ll be counting your money while watching your sales figures climb!


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