PayPal Downloads: A How-To for Beginning Merchants

How to Offer eBooks for Sale

Starting an online business can seem overwhelming at first, but setting up you own web store doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The most important first step is learning what you do and don’t need to be successful, and to understand the truth behind some common misconceptions. Understanding just how vital services like PayPal, digital goods and online sales come together can help you get off to a solid start from the outset, increasing your understanding and your chances of success.

Selling Your Product Download: PayPal and Other Vital Services

When it comes to paying for digital goods or getting paid for online sales, there are few names as well-known and trusted as PayPal. Digital goods merchants and buyers alike rely upon the service for safe, reliable transaction processing. Unfortunately, it’s also the source of some of the most common misconceptions about selling goods online.

There’s no doubt, you need PayPal. Downloads are easier to market when your customers know their sensitive financial information is protected. Still, it’s not the only service you need to operate a successful online business. PayPal doesn’t offer file hosting or download services, so your customers won’t actually be able to access the files they’ve purchased after they use PayPal to pay for them. Instead, you’ll have to send them out manually. This usually leads to delays, which can have a tremendous negative impact on your customer service reputation. In order to make sure your customers are being served, you’ll need to think beyond PayPal; digital goods processing and ecommerce services like pick up all the slack.

How Ecommerce Platforms Supplement PayPal Download Services

As a digital merchant, you have a set of responsibilities which must be met if you want to enjoy any level of success. First, you must be able to offer your clients a high-quality product at a fair price. You should make sure these products are available instantly upon purchase to meet the customer’s expectations for prompt delivery, and that their payment information is safeguarded. You can accomplish the latter with PayPal; digital goods delivery and management, however, will need to be handled through a separate service.

The most efficient option for new and veteran sellers alike is to choose an ecommerce platform which integrates PayPal with these other crucial tools, creating a single, comprehensive service to meet all your needs. This allows you to consolidate your business for more effective management, allowing you more time to focus on creating new content to build your product catalog. High-end services will even include access to valuable promotional tools, like affiliate marketing networks.

Don’t let your business suffer before it ever gets off the ground; choose the right tools and services from the beginning for peak efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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