PayPal, Download Management and Sales

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If you’ve ever made a digital goods purchase online, there’s a good chance you completed the transaction with PayPal. Download merchants around the world rely upon this trusted service to ensure their customers have access to reliable, reputable payment processing. Since logging into PayPal is often the last step before access to a download is granted, it’s not uncommon for those just beginning to explore the world of online sales to believe the service also manages download delivery. The truth is, there’s more to online sales than a single service, no matter how essential it might be. Before launching your new business venture, take some time to research all the tools and services you’ll need to boost sales.

More Than PayPal: Download Sales and Management

While you do need more than just PayPal, download sales management doesn’t require an expensive website built by a professional to include a wide range of complex features. In fact, investing heavily in a custom site can actually delay profitability and reduce your chances of sales success. Not only is it possible to launch your business using a free blog site, inexpensive template site you build yourself or a social media account; often, it’s actually the best course of action. All you need is a dedicated eCommerce platform specializing in seamless integration with PayPal, download management and marketing. These services, like, make it easier, more efficient and more cost-effective to start your own download sales business.

Bringing Together PayPal, Download Tools and Marketing

You can’t sell a product to customers who don’t know your business exists, and you can’t keep those customers happy if you’re not offering the service they expect from a professional merchant. This means ensuring safe and reliable payment processing, along with immediate file access. As a merchant, you also need payment processing tools you can trust, like Google Wallet and PayPal. Download management should include not only automated order fulfillment, but also secure file hosting and the marketing assistance you need to get the word out about your products.

Marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive gamble. While prepaid advertising can be pricey and offers no guarantees, there are options beyond banner ads and sponsored social media posts. Working with a high-quality eCommerce platform means access to affiliate networks, which allow you to boost the signal without breaking the bank. You’re connected to marketers who earn a portion of the proceeds only from the sales they generate, which means you only pay for marketing when it works. Your products are promoted to potential customers who would otherwise be completely out of reach, and there’s no need to set aside startup funding for an initial marketing push.

Take advantage of the inexpensive, effective tools and services offered by a quality eCommerce platform today, and watch your new business venture take flight.

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