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Is paying for your own digital purchases the full extent of your experience with PayPal? Download businesses often rely on one of the world’s most trusted and recognized payment processing services, but you may not realize how many moving parts keep digital storefronts running smoothly. If you’re ready to start your own venture, it’s vital to understand the roles played by PayPal, download delivery systems and full eCommerce solutions. Before you invest time, money and effort into starting your web store, take some time to explore your options. You may be surprised by just how easy and inexpensive it can be to launch an independent online business.

Payment Processing with PayPal, Download Management with eCommerce Platforms

As one of the most widely used payment processing systems in the world, you can’t really go wrong with PayPal. Download management and delivery is a separate concern, though. Ultimately, PayPal does one thing and does it well: payment processing. They don’t offer secure file hosting, or automated content delivery. Attempting to launch your web store using only PayPal means you’ll have to make a number of separate arrangements for each individual aspect of your business. Your digital goods will need to be hosted securely to keep them safe from theft or misuse. You’ll also need to find a method of content delivery. Monitoring sales alerts around the clock and manually fulfilling orders comes with a large margin of error. You will inevitably miss an alert, resulting in delayed or missed delivery, and a damaged customer service reputation.

What if there were a way to skip the expensive, professionally-built website and complex management tools? Consolidating all of your needs under a single virtual service umbrella eliminates the potential for human error, frees up more of your time and allows you to focus on growing your business. Instead of monitoring alerts, you can develop new products and promote your brand. A dedicated eCommerce platform like does just that, while also giving you access to the marketing tools you need to make a splash without spending a fortune.

PayPal, Downloads and Online Marketing

The truth of the matter is that you won’t need PayPal, or any other payment processing system, unless you’re able to reach potential customers and make a sale. Choosing a strong eCommerce platform which seamlessly integrates PayPal and Google Wallet while managing sales is a wise move, but be sure you’re looking for services with built-in affiliate marketing networks. Affiliate marketing is a no-risk method of boosting the signal far beyond your own organic reach without paying up front for sponsored social media posts or banner ads which could easily be ignored by your target audience. Get your business off to a strong start; choose the right tools and services from the beginning, and watch your career take flight.

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