PayPal Digital Goods

Digital Goods E-Commerce

PayPal offers you a chance to sell digital goods with a profile you create through its site. PayPal Digital Goods offers you in-context, meaning you have two click payments, which could increase sales. You also have low fees for any size transaction, and this program provides you a one-time payment option, a pay-as-you-go option or a subscription. This is just the beginning of what the PayPal Digital Goods has to offer.

Increase Conversion Rates

Gaining more clients to your site is one thing, but turning them into buyers is another. A quick payment method like PayPal ensures the client can pay right away with a safe online account. There is no need to share credit card or bank account information with your site when using PayPal. The digital goods are, therefore, more attractive to customers, making them more apt to return.

Profitability Increases

Your customers have the option to choose how they want to pay for what you are selling in digital goods. If they want to make a one-time payment, they can use PayPal. If they want a subscription or a pay-as-they-go choice, they also have those options, which can be set up to be recurring through PayPal Digital Goods. PayPal will adjust the fees so you have the best pricing on your end.

Fraud Reduction

Many people worry about fraud. Chargebacks and incorrect payments can create a situation where you are not paid. Avoid these vulnerabilities by having an e-commerce site like where you are protected. An e-commerce site also helps reduce your costs.

How It Works

A customer is on your site looking at your items and trying to decide what to purchase. Once it comes time to select what is wanted, he selects “Pay with PayPal.” All the customer then needs to do is click “Pay Now.” The sale is complete, and the item is ready for download. The customer never leaves your site for the transaction, and the item he bought is delivered immediately. It takes a short period for digital goods to be purchased with PayPal. A customer doesn’t even need to leave the page he’s on. For example, if your customer is playing a game as a trial, the purchase page overlays. The customer can make the purchase and continue the game.

As soon as the money hits your PayPal account, you can transfer it to your bank account. It takes two to three business days for the transfer, depending on your bank. Alternatively, you can use your PayPal account to make purchases.

PayPal Digital Goods is just one method to make payments easier for your customers. You can set up your site the way you want it and can work independently.

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