Paypal, Digital Goods and the Online Sales Revolution

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Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock for the last decade or longer, you are well aware of the increase in online sales. In both 2013 and 2014 eCommerce sales jumped up to well over a trillion dollars and is expected to pass the two-trillion mark by 2017 or 2018. Paypal is one of the reasons that online sales have grown so quickly, offering secure payment options for the masses. While a big part of eCommerce is retail sales, a growing portion is digital goods that are bought securely through Paypal in this growing online sales revolution.

Make Money Selling Digital Goods

The online sales revolution is not just for large commercial enterprises. Many people are beginning their own businesses or earning extra money selling digital goods such as images, videos, eBooks, music and art. Since there is no need for physical storage space, shipping or in-person sales, digital goods are the perfect business to run from your home with very little needed in startup costs. One of the reasons this type of business has flourished is due to the safety and security of Paypal payment processing.

With Paypal, digital goods can be paid for automatically online in a secure transaction. This protects both the seller and buyer. Those selling digital goods are able to offer a well-recognized, trusted payment system to their customers, helping them gain credibility for their business. Customers are assured they are buying from a legitimate business and can pay for their digital goods with a variety of payment options through Paypal.

Starting a Digital Goods Business

For those looking to join the online sale revolution selling digital goods, the process can be made simple with the help of digital goods eCommerce services like Companies like these offer a turn-key way for individuals and small businesses to sell digital goods online. These are online stores where members can place their digital goods for sale for a small fee. The service then handles the payment processing through options like Paypal and handles the instant delivery of digital goods.

These types of services make it simple for anyone to sell digital goods online. There is no need to have the technology skills or knowledge to set up a payment and online delivery system, or the marketing skills involved with beginning an affiliate program. These services give someone just starting out in the digital goods industry the advantage of a high-level online store with Paypal processing and many other features, allowing them to compete with the big online retailers. Once their products are put online, they are free to focus on creating new digital goods while their eCommerce service takes care of collecting payments and delivering their digital products to their customers.

Digital goods and online sales are here to stay and will only continue to grow. With the help of eCommerce services, many people can join in the revolution right from their home computers and get their share of a trillion-dollar industry.

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