Payment Processing: How Trusted Methods Can Increase Sales

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Making money online through the sale of digital products requires not only the ability to create marketable goods, but also the ability to collect the proceeds from those sales. While there is a wide variety of available options for sending and receiving money to complete online transactions, there are definite benefits to working with a trusted and recognizable payment processing solution.

Payment Processing Options

Because online transactions for digital goods are typically conducted in a rapid manner, traditional forms of payment like exchanging cash or writing a check aren’t feasible. This leaves sellers and customers to work with the instant payment processing options available to them. While there are scores of companies who offer these services, brand recognition and a guarantee of security will always be more attractive to consumers than a potentially risky transaction through an unknown processor. Any options which reveal the credit or debit card number of a customer, or any other sensitive financial information, can be a deterrent to sales for web-savvy consumers. This means you will need to work with a payment processing solution with a recognizable name, and ample security measures in place to protect your customers.

How Secure Payment Processing Will Increase Sales

When your customers feel confident about the safety and security of their sensitive information, they’re more likely to complete a purchase. Any feelings of doubt or concern can immediately derail an otherwise promising sale, which damages not only your bottom line, but also your brand reputation.

Trusted sources of payment processing like PayPal and Google Wallet protect the consumer with buyer protection guarantees, and do not reveal the actual credit or debit card number attached to the account to a merchant. Buyers are able to complete their purchases in confidence, and are thus more likely to buy the digital products which appeal to them.

Consolidating Operations

Customer satisfaction and confidence are key aspects of online sales success. Unfortunately, you can’t always ensure satisfaction or inspire confidence with great digital products alone. You’ll also need a business plan which allows for instant download delivery upon purchase, accepts payment through trusted payment processing platforms and offers protection to your clients.

This is where e-commerce solutions like can make all the difference. Your customers will be granted immediate access to the files they want immediately after remitting payment. Those payments are processed through trusted sources which include industry giants PayPal and Google Wallet. You’re able to ensure the prompt delivery of files, the safety of their personal information throughout the transaction and the buyer protection inherent to those programs.

Instead of taking on the task of integrating cumbersome programs for manual processing of credit cards, along with the responsibility of constantly monitoring sales alerts to ensure immediate access, consider the benefits of a content delivery service which supports trusted payment processing solutions. You’ll be able to watch your business grow with each sale, as clients make purchases with complete confidence and security.


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