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PayLoadz vs AmazonWith the advent of e-readers, more and more people are making the jump from aspiring authors to self-published ones. A plethora of success stories is out there to prove that generating income and gaining recognition for your book are possible, without relying on a major publishing house. At no time in history has it been so easy to put the fruits of your literary labor into the hands of readers around the world. When your book is finished and publishing time arrives, however, you’ll need to make a decision regarding the best methods for marketing and selling it.


Over the years, Amazon has become a vast and bustling virtual marketplace. The sheer volume of products available there is so staggering that sifting through one genre listing of the Amazon Kindle store can be exhausting. Making your title stand out in the crowd of other self-published offerings can present a challenge, especially if you work in one of the more popular genres. Uploading to the Kindle store is simple, and you can set your own price for your work. However, Amazon retains up to 65 percent of your profits from each sale you make through its store. And the eBooks sold through Amazon are available only to Kindle owners. Users with the Nook, for instance, can’t purchase eBooks there. The built-in DRM, or digital rights management, also prevents users from legally purchasing an eBook and converting it to a file format compatible with their device. While Kindle is one of the most popular e-readers, many avid readers have non-Amazon devices.


Because PayLoadz isn’t affiliated with a specific device, you can make eBooks you sell through them compatible with as many reading devices as you choose. Despite your customers’ e-reader brand choice, they can purchase and download any of your available titles with no file format conversion hassles. This increases your potential customer base significantly, making it easier for you to reach a wider audience than that offered by the Kindle store. PayLoadz also offers an affiliate marketing program that allows participating PayLoadz users to reap the benefits of promotional and marketing pushes from a variety of sources. For a small percentage of each sale generated through the PayLoadz affiliate marketing program, authors can delegate some of their promotional duties to others, increasing sales and visibility of their work. While Amazon may offer a sample of your eBook for free to entice their customers to purchase your work, the bulk of marketing and promotions falls on your shoulders.

Comparing the services of PayLoadz vs. Amazon to make the decision that best suits your needs as an author requires you to consider every aspect of both sales platforms. The freedom of the PayLoadz model makes it a real competitor for the massive Kindle store.

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