PayLoadz – The Smart Choice for Your Digital Downloads

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Being one of the pioneers in this field (serving customers since 2002), PayLoadz has the maturity and experience to develop a wide array of features.

What makes PayLoadz a better choice?

How you choose your selling platform depends on many factors. You need to consider whether you will host the files or let the provider do it. If the files are large or many, you will find it difficult to host them on your own. With a trusted provider like PayLoadz, you can say goodbye to these worries. Adieu, server downtimes and crashes! PayLoadz strives to provide a comfortable user experience in several ways:

  • Clear site documentation and help let you perform tasks with ease.
  • The algorithms preserve the spaces in file names. You do not need to worry about renaming them.
  • PayLoadz does not spam your inbox with emails for every sale.
  • PayLoadz has an affiliate program that can broaden your reach as affiliates offer your product for sale on their sites.
  • PayLoadz is easy of use. You can start selling in just a few minutes. It’s easy to create the purchase, download buttons or links with the PayLoadz copy and paste code.

Customers who chose PayLoadz experience smooth operations year after year, and they continue to use the platform.

What can you sell?

You can sell any digital product: eBooks, music, video, software, movies, digital comic books, digital art, manuals, articles, certificates, forms and files.

What are the payment options?

PayLoadz offers the largest number of payment options: PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, 2Checkout and Trialpay. Sell your digital products anywhere without bothering about compatibility.

What about secure storage for files?

PayLoadz gives high priority to the security of your files. It ensures that only verified customers can access them. To enable this, PayLoadz uses Amazon’s S3 platform—one of the most secure and highly rated platforms. PayLoadz tracks each download of your files with IP addresses, download attempts and counts, location and other parameters.

What are some unique features?

PayLoadz can switch between regular and micropayment Paypal accounts. This is done automatically as per the purchase amount. The site has a user-friendly and intuitive design that “non-geeks” can handle easily. Senior citizens who might not be tech savvy can also handle the site comfortably.

Can you sell on eBay and other auction sites?

Customers on auction sites are more inclined to make purchases. You can sell on a number of auction sites: eBay, Yahoo! Auctions,, Amazon Auctions, MSN Auctions and BidVille.

How does PayLoadz authenticate customers?

Authentication is an important aspect in eliminating fraud. You can configure PayLoadz to deliver product keys, registration numbers and activation codes. The configuration is possible at various levels of complexity for advanced sellers.

Can you sell globally?

PayLoadz supports transactions in more than 20 currencies and customers in more than 190 countries. You truly can sell your product globally.

Is the customer support friendly?

PayLoadz exists to help customers grow their businesses. If you have an issue at any time on the PayLoadz site, just call or email. PayLoadz is happy to help.

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