PayLoadz Software Review

If you are looking for a site to buy or sell computer software, PayLoadz is your one-stop place. It has never been easier to buy and sell software right from the privacy of your home or business. PayLoadz has a huge variety of software for sale, making it an obvious choice for both buyers and sellers.

Selling – PayLoadz Review

If you want to sell your own software, consider PayLoadz. Whether you have your own site or not, you can use the PayLoadz digital download service as a way to store, deliver and accept payment for your software. PayLoadz had its own store on its site to sell your product, but you can use the service at any launch site you might have for your product. Sellers use the PayLoadz service in a variety of ways:

  • – Website
  • – Social media sites
  • – Blog sites
  • – Third-party vendors such as eBay


PayLoadz takes care of the payment portion of your transactions. It accepts credit cards and customer payments through PayPal and directs them to your account. The pricing is affordable. You can have a free Express account (good for up to $50 of sales per 30 days) or upgrade to a PayLoadz premium account for only $14.95 a month, which is unlimited in storage and sales. PayLoadz even has a free 7-day trial. You receive several benefits with your service:

  • Delivery securityPayLoadz provides immediate and secure delivery to your customers.
  • Payment services—All payments from all your sites featuring your software will be secured using PayPal.
  • Linked site—You can sell your software from any site.
  • Secure storage—Online storage for software products includes unlimited storage with the premium service or up to 1 GB with the Express account.
  • International acceptance—Your software will be accessible worldwide, with multiple countries and currencies accepted.

Buying – PayLoadz Review

If you want to buy software, PayLoadz has a large variety from which to choose. The prices are low, and there is a wide variety of free software for downloads. With hundreds of software options, you are bound to find something you can use. PayLoadz has various types of software:

  • – Business
  •  -Gaming
  • – Designers
  • – Add-ons and Plug-ins

Whether you are buying or selling, you will love PayLoadz. Review the selection at, and sign up for a free account. Once you see what PayLoadz offers, you will likely become one of its many frequent customers.


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