PayLoadz Shopping Cart for Your E-commerce

PayLoadz Shopping CartWhy choose PayLoadz?

If you just started researching shopping cart options, you might have discovered there are more than 130 companies selling a shopping cart. This includes PayLoadz, a digital goods service solution. PayLoadz offers numerous features to help your digital media business become a success online with your website and any other marketplace you might wish to participate.

Cost of Service for PayLoadz

PayLoadz requires a fee for its services online if you sign up for the premium account. But you can always use the free account to store your items and sell them. That way, you can test the basic services and decide whether you want marketing tools and other features like the customizable shopping cart. If you choose a premium account, you’d incur a small monthly payment.

PayLoadz Allows Sales Anywhere

Would you like to sell on Facebook, Twitter, your site, eBay, Amazon and a PayLoadz storefront? If so, you have the right solution. This digital goods service ensures you can sell anywhere you want. All you need to do is use the links to insert the purchase buttons and download the shopping cart to your site or marketplace. The more storefronts you have, the more you can sell. Additionally, with one shopping cart you need to maintain only one location for all your digital delivery goods.

Secure File Storage and PayLoadz Shopping Cart

It’s in your best interest to have a secure place to store your files. It’s even better if you can use a bulk upload option in which all the files are uploaded via an Excel spreadsheet to your storage service. PayLoadz makes this happen. Once you have all the files on the secure server at PayLoadz, you can start selling your products. This is where the PayLoadz shopping cart comes in. You need a place for customers to put their goods while they are shopping. When an item is placed in the shopping cart, it can be taken out again before the final sale. More items can be added. You can also allow discounts or coupons to be used on your site in the cart.

Automated Delivery System After Payment is Received

Payment needs to be made via the PayLoadz shopping cart, which accepts PayPal, Google Checkout and a variety of electronic payment fund accounts. You can also accept credit and debit cards with the shopping cart. As soon as customers select “submit payment” for the final step, the automated delivery starts. With automated delivery, you don’t need to be on hand to send the digital media file the customer purchased. You can carefully track which products are being sold, the download attempts made and the user location to ensure proper sale of your files.

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