PayLoadz Review

PayLoadz Review

Why use PayLoadz digital service?

PayLoadz has been in service since 2002, when digital media started to make great strides. This is when free Wi-Fi started cropping up. DSL and cable modems were the best methods to connect for faster service and unlimited connections. Wireless adapters started coming standard in laptops. And people were easily gaining access to any digital movie, music or book file. But this was also a time of licensed products being sold without the license to do so.

Tech-savvy people knew there was a market for people who wanted instant access to their favorite products, even a desire to gain access to things around the world. Anime not produced for the U.S. market is one example of a product that was often sold without a license. Movie, music, book and other media producers needed to stop pirating. This is one reason to use PayLoadz. This PayLoadz review explains the digital service we provide. With PayLoadz, you have a place to access digital media files for consumers to download, along with the ability to create a website, accept multiple payments and run a home-based business securely.

How PayLoadz Works

You first need to set up a free PayLoadz account. You can use your Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo account for the sign-in information if you wish. Once the sign-up process is complete, you are taken to the account home where you can create a new product to sell, manage and upload files, edit your profile or upgrade your account. An upgraded account provides marketing features with unlimited file storage, no transaction limits, support for the account and a featured store listing.

Features of PayLoadz

With your PayLoadz account, you have secure file storage along with secure digital delivery from the servers. Any digital file you want to sell can be uploaded in a bulk import Excel spreadsheet. The files remain on the PayLoadz server. You wouldn’t need a cloud server separate from your account and shopping cart. The service also includes an automated delivery system. A link is sent to customers as soon as they complete the payment process.

PayLoadz features enable you to sell your products anywhere online, such as your own website, the PayLoadz store, eBay and other online marketplaces. PayLoadz also has an affiliate marketplace option. The account features an affiliate tracking and payment system you can use if you need to track a customer order. Several payment systems and methods are supported with PayLoadz, including credit cards, ACH transfer and e-checks. Your PayPal account can be tied to PayLoadz where customers can remain on your website to make a payment using their PayPal account.

PayLoadz Review Sum Up

Being able to set up a home-based business with little to no fee can be important to you. PayLoadz provides a free option, as well as a fee account should you want more marketing and features to increase your profits.

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