Passive Income with Information Products

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You’ve worked hard to become an expert in your field of study. Isn’t it time you start seeing a return on your investment? Information products are a great way to share your knowledge with those willing to pay for your wisdom, and getting started can be easier than you might think.

What are Information Products?

Essentially, information products are just digital vehicles for sharing knowledge. They can be eBooks, instructional videos, craft patterns or even document templates. Because it’s such a versatile niche, you don’t have to be an expert in all forms of digital media to start building your empire. You’re able to customize an entire curriculum, or simply offer a well-curated selection of standalone products to appeal to your target audience.

A single digital product can be sold and resold an infinite number of times, so you’re able to continue generating income indefinitely. As long as there are people who want to know more about your field of study, you’ll have a viable product on your hands. You really are limited only by your imagination when it comes to how and where you present your information, so be creative. The more innovative your delivery system or the more interesting your content, the better it will sell.

Getting Your Information Products on the Market

If settling on a sales system feels like the most challenging aspect of starting your own online business, you’re not alone. Choosing the tools, services and products you’ll need in order to be successful can be daunting.

Fortunately, you really only need a handful of tools and services: payment processing you can trust, like PayPal or Google Wallet, secure file hosting, automated download delivery, and a marketing system. You can build your own inexpensive website through a template service designed for beginners, or take advantage of free blog sites. High-quality eCommerce platforms like can turn these low- or no-cost options into a legitimate sales portal with simple cut-and-paste HTML linking.

A strong eCommerce platform streamlines your entire operation by consolidating PayPal and Google Wallet, file hosting and delivery and even affiliate marketing under a single virtual umbrella. You can focus on creating new products, while your established ones generate a potentially unlimited stream of income. No stress, no complex websites to manage, and no risky marketing ploys required. Choose an eCommerce platform with a built-in affiliate network, and you’ll have access to zero-risk marketing you pay for only when it works. Get started today!

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