Overview of E-Shopping Carts

e-Shopping Carts

Definition of e-shopping

E-Shopping is online shopping. Customers shop in the comfort of their own homes for products or services. This is a more efficient way to shop. A means to buy the items is needed for this to work. As in a physical store, you put what you want in a shopping cart. With online shopping, you might want to purchase more than one or two products, and this requires e-shopping carts. PayLoadz offers e-shopping carts for selling digital goods. It’s necessary to have a place buyers can store items until they are ready for checkout. There are numerous e-shopping carts available.

About Shopping Carts

Online carts provide customers with speedy checkout options. The order is calculated, including all taxes, shipping and handling. A customer can apply discount coupons, change shipping options or take advantage of free shipping your company might offer using the shopping cart.

Two Types of E-Shopping Carts

Two types of shopping carts exist: licensed software and a hosted service. The software is downloaded to your Web server with licensed software e-shopping carts. There is a onetime fee for this option. You, as the merchant, own the license to the software and can install it wherever you need to. The disadvantage is that you need to have a server that meets the requirements of the software. A hosted service provider of e-shopping software requires a monthly or annual charge. You use a predefined template. You are limited on the customization of the software, though one advantage is the security updates the company offers for a small monthly fee.

PCI Compliance Needed on E-Shopping

PCI standards are payment card industry standards for safe shopping. Data security is required for any business, especially when the transfer of money is involved. Software providers need to be in PCI compliance, or they could be held responsible for a breach of the merchant or consumer account.

Companies That Offer e-Shopping Carts

Literally hundreds of companies offer e-shopping carts: PayPal, Google, Amazon, E-junkie and PayLoadz are just a few with e-shopping cart software. Each offers different customized software—licensed or hosted. Compare each one to determine which one is best for you. Look for the features you require for your business. Additionally, you and your customers need to trust e-shopping carts. Reading reviews of e-shopping carts can help you determine the company software best for you. The fees associated with the carts might also have a bearing on your decision.

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