Optimizing Sales for Your Ebook Download Business


The explosive popularity of ereader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading have created not only a greater number of readers, but also more self-published authors who sell ebooks without the support of a major publisher. While some ebook download businesses can be wildly successful, others can get lost in the shuffle. If you’re struggling to build sales or are just beginning to consider opening your ebook download business, now is a great time to learn how you can optimize sales for greater impact.

Help Your Ebook Sell: Choose the Right Business Model

There are as many ways to sell ebooks as there are authors who run ebook download businesses, and no real one-size-fits-all solution. What works beautifully for one author may not yield positive results for you, and what works for you may result in failure for another content merchant. While there are a lot of variables, there are a few things that hold true across the board. First, you must get the word out about your product. No matter how strong your work or how well-built your web store may be, you won’t get traffic or be able to help your ebook sell if no one knows you’re out there.

Second, you must be able to meet a few of your customers basic needs in an online sales capacity. This means facilitating instant download access through automation so they never have to wait for a product they’ve purchased, streamlining payment processing to include trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, and making your product available to users of several different devices, each with their own native file format. For some, it initially seems easier to opt for an exclusive sales arrangement with a proprietary marketplace, selling only through the Kindle Store, for instance. This does allow you to offer instant access and easy payment processing, but will immediately restrict your customer base to only those who own a particular device. In most cases, it’s better to offer your product through proprietary marketplaces on a non-exclusive basis, and to operate your own independent web store as well.

Starting a Web Store for Your Ebook Download Business

Too often, authors choose an exclusive agreement simply because they think setting up their own web store will require extensive web design knowledge or a large up-front investment. With dedicated ecommerce platform services like PayLoadz.com, however, this is not the case. You can set up your web store in an afternoon, allowing your ecommerce service provider to handle payment processing, download automation and file hosting.

Don’t choose an option that doesn’t meet your needs simply because you think it’s the only option. Optimize your ebook download business and boost your earning potential by exploring all available avenues, especially those which allow you to retain the greatest control over your product.

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