Open a Virtual Gallery and Sell Digital Art

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Artists who work with physical media may turn to an art gallery in order to help sell their work, but what avenue works best for a digital artist whose work can’t hang on a wall? The key to any sale is making sure the right person sees your work at the right time, which can be a difficult challenge for digital artists to overcome. Thankfully, the power of the Internet and the global reach it offers can help you to sell digital art. Starting your own virtual art gallery online may be just the solution for which you’ve been searching, helping you to make a profit from your dedicated efforts.

Starting Your Online Business to Sell Digital Art

The first place for any digital content creator to start is the creation of a personal website with a memorable URL. This will serve as a central base of operations, allowing potential clients to browse your work and contact you. You can create a website which also integrates ecommerce solutions for direct sales, but this will require fairly advanced web design knowledge and the ability to process payments online.

The most efficient, effective solution for a new artist seeking the best way to sell digital art online is to work with a proven, reputable ecommerce solution like These platforms include not only secure payment processing and access to important merchant tools like affiliate marketing networks, but also the ability to provide your clients with instant download access to the digital art they’ve purchased.

What Kinds of Digital Art Can I Sell?

In a word, anything. Whatever your artistic vision dictates, you can create and potentially find a market for on the Internet. Illustrations, vector art, clip art or even elements for digital scrapbooking are all popular sellers online, and the sky is truly the limit.

The key to online sales success when it comes to digital art is identifying your target audience, then making every effort to inform them about your product. No matter how impressive your digital art may be, you can’t sell it to people who don’t know it exists. This is where features like access to an affiliate network through your chosen ecommerce platform can be so powerful. You can partner with bloggers and other web personalities to ensure a wider audience for your work, and choosing an ecommerce platform which includes an affiliate network program can have a significant impact on your sales success.

Digital artists aren’t forced to be reliant upon gallery space in order to sell their work. With an online business plan in place, you can open your own virtual gallery, share your work with the masses and make a profit in the process.


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