Online Selling Software

Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

Getting started selling software

You need three things to start selling software: a website, a shopping cart and a way to collect payments. If you decide to take other forms of payments, such as credit cards besides PayPal, you will need a business bank account, a credit card merchant account, a payment gateway and an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is necessary even if you don’t accept credit cards because it shows that you’re a legitimate business working to keep your customers safe.

Buying a Shopping Cart

Companies exist that offer all the above-mentioned items, usually as a service. The service provides you with a package fee for a website, shopping cart and payment options. This could come at a high cost to you. There is nothing wrong with prepackaged services; they work for some customers. Consider just buying the shopping cart you want. That way you have no monthly fees, no percentage of sales taken, unlimited product pages to create and total control of the host, cart and storefront. Often a businessperson selling software gains better results working with a download delivery service and ecommerce solution like

Security for Selling Software

Software is a touchy subject regarding security. There are ways around paying for the license and download needed to run software. It’s considered piracy for people to do this; yet, many get away with it. People work hard to create software. If you are selling software you created, you have more control over the licensing and protection you put in place. You also have the desired control you want for your website and platform. If you plan to sell another company’s software, you may need to be an affiliate and use its service package.

Security for selling software needs to include a secure method for download. Your website should have only the best security possible. You want the SSL certificate and to lock the software key. In other words, a key or validation is required to selling software online. The validation key must be entered before anyone can use the software. You need the software to be registered online, too.

Versions of Your Software

You should have more than one version of your software. People might not have the latest system, but you’d want them to be able to download and use your software anyway. The OS system you initially make helps you get started, but you need to have at least three versions of your software. It might be in your best interest to sell software for different generations. Depending on the type of software you have devised, there is a potential to make it easier to use for non-computer users or children that could also bring you more results when selling software

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