Online Selling Beats Retail Stores for Some Merchants

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Online sales is the wave of the future for many product creators, especially those who work in digital media. Online selling beats working to place physical products in a retail store for many merchants, and is almost always a more lucrative prospect than starting a brick and mortar store. Sellers and entrepreneurs with limited start-up capital can break into online sales much more easily and much faster than they can start a physical retail business, and will encounter less operating expense along the way. To learn how online selling beats retail sales for many content creators, keep reading.

Why It’s Cheaper to Sell Downloads

All merchants are in the business of making money and promoting their products. For brick and mortar merchants, however, a significant portion of the proceeds for each sale will need to be reinvested into the business almost immediately. Before the owner sees a profit, money must be spent to pay property costs and utility bills, then payroll expenses for employees and the cost of maintaining stock. All too often, these merchants face the continuing struggle to just break even; making a profit is a secondary concern.

Online selling beats retail in terms of overhead expense for a variety of reasons. First, the need to pay rent or mortgage payments on commercial space is eliminated. Second, there is no need to continuously purchase new stock as products sell. When you sell downloads, the product is not a finite resource. A single file can be sold over and over again, never needing to be replaced or restocked. When a physical product is sold, there’s an immediate expense associated with simply replacing the product for the next customer. This is not the case with pay downloads, which are an infinitely sellable resource.

Pay Downloads and a Global Audience

Unless retail store owners plan to ship their goods around the world, they just don’t have the same level of reach as their online competitors. Digital products don’t need to be shipped, they need to be delivered via the Internet. With an automated content delivery and payment processing system like, online merchants never have to process or fufill orders. They’re free to spend their time developing new offerings and marketing their existing products. The PayLoadz system also includes access to one of the most powerful affiliate marketing networks on the web, making it easier than ever for content creators to reach potential clients from all corners of the globe.

When you use the right merchant tools and market accordingly, the profit from online selling beats the brick and mortar competition almost every time. If you’re thinking of starting a business, consider selling digital goods as pay downloads for increased profit and business stability.


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