One Simple Way to Earn Online: Sell Clip Art

Digital Downloads

For anyone with a little artistic talent, clip art can be a fun and lucrative way to earn money online. Clip art is used in printed documents, websites, social media and many more places, making it a valuable digital creation. With a simple computer program you can make and begin selling clip art online to make extra money.

Creating Images to Sell Clip Art

The small cartoons and images you see as clip art all needed to be created by someone. You may be surprised how easy it is to make these images. While you can use expensive graphic designer programs, free and easy programs like PowerPoint can be just as effective to begin making clip art. Most people use existing images from photographs to create outlines of their images, so you don’t need to be able to draw freehand to design clip art. All it takes is a computer, the appropriate software and a little time spent perfecting your craft.

So what makes an image valuable? You want to create clip art that is different and intriguing, making it worth the investment. There is plenty of free clip art available, but these images are used over and over again. What many people want is access to clip art that not everyone has, helping them personalize their business documents, invitations or whatever it is they are creating.

Earning Money Online Selling Clip Art

So how do you actually market your clip art and earn money online? While you could start your own clip art website and try to make money, it is time consuming and does require a larger monetary investment. You would need to create the website, plus market the website to draw in traffic. Plus, you need to have a digital delivery system and a payment processing service. If you want a simple way to make money off your clip art, you can use a digital goods eCommerce service to sell your clip art for you. You can sign up for one these services quickly and have your art online and for sale in a matter of days.

eCommerce services often offer an online store where you can sell your digital goods like clip art. is an excellent example of a site that gives you an online store to sell your clip art, then provides the payment system and secure delivery of your product. All you have to do is provide the clip art and they do the rest. While you are sleeping, eating or working, you are selling clip art and making money, without ever needing to do anything beyond upload your product.

Making and selling clip art is a fun and smart way to begin an online business. It is quick, simple and takes almost no money to get started, making it one of the easiest ways to earn money online. With the help of an eCommerce service, you can begin selling your clip art to people all over the world today.

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