Navigating the eBook Download Industry

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You’ve finally finished the last edit on your manuscript, and it’s ready for release to to the rest of the world. All that’s left is for you to learn how to move through the booming eBook download industry as an independent author. For some indie writers, this means sticking to the exclusive direct publishing contracts offered by major eBook retailers while others bristle at the idea of losing control over pricing, marketing and global reach. For many, the best path lies somewhere in the middle: non-exclusive contracts with mass retailers and a wholly independent web shop.

Why You Should Boost Availability of Your eBook Download

When you consider the number of users who regularly visit big eBook marketplaces, it can seem at first blush like you’d never need another outlet. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see there’s a wide swath of the market automatically excluded. The biggest eBook retailers often make certain content available only in specific regions, so a substantial portion of the big audience you thought you had is immediately reduced. Factor in people around the world who own different eReader devices and can’t access certain marketplaces, and you’ll see even more of your potential sales fall away.

Offering your eBook download through big retailers on a non-exclusive level does often mean accepting a less lucrative payment percentage, but it does help get your name out there to readers who all have the potential to become part of a dedicated following. Reaching everyone else is simply a matter of boosting your profile by managing an independent webstore. This way, you’re able to offer a single product in a variety of file formats so owners of most eReaders can choose the best format for their particular device. You’re also able to maintain blogs and other communication avenues through your own social media and website presence, essentially building a community of readers.

How to Get Started

You can sell an eBook download using an expensive, custom-built website for a sales portal, but you’ll have to sell hundreds or even thousands of copies to recoup the initial investment. You want to reach profitability as quickly as possible, and dedicated eCommerce platforms make it easy to do so. With systems like, you’re able to turn a free blog site or a low-cost template website you build yourself into a dedicated sales portal quickly and easily.

Get started today, and find out how you can combine file hosting, download delivery, payment processing and even affiliate marketing under a single virtual umbrella. It’s never been easier to launch a truly independent writing career.

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