MP3 File Downloading Systems for Authors

Sell MP3 Downloads

Are you looking for a way to set yourself and your brand apart from the competition? What if the best means of achieving this goal was to look outside the eBook sphere? From long driving commutes to workouts and household chores which require both hands, there are a wide variety of reasons why many potential customers prefer audio books over eBooks and print. Unfortunately, this relatively large audience is typically underserved in the independent market. While major publishers work closely with audio book creators and subscription services, indie writers are left to manage their own recording and MP3 file downloading systems. Many choose to forgo audio files altogether, not realizing there is an easy and efficient way to expand their product offerings and compete with corporate-backed authors.

Combining MP3 File Downloading and eBook Sales Systems

No author wants to manage two separate web stores, and it’s also a risky idea to split your brand across multiple outlets. Popular marketplaces tied to proprietary eReader devices don’t offer support for audio books. Often, what seems like the only feasible option is actually the best possible solution: starting and maintaining your own web store. The perceived cost and difficulty of launching such an endeavor are immediately discouraging to many, but these perceptions aren’t necessarily truth. You don’t need an expensive website, high-end recording studio time or complicated online merchant tools. Choose an eCommerce platform which integrates MP3 file downloading and hosting support, and you’re on the road to success. Systems like offer more than payment processing and file hosting; they also make MP3 file downloading a breeze for your customers.

MP3 File Downloading and Creation on a Budget

You can’t afford professional websites, voice actors or studio time, but that doesn’t mean audio books are out of reach. Record your books yourself, using inexpensive or even free open-source programs. Turn a free blaog site or a low-cost template site into a sales hub by copying and pasting simple HTML code. Choose an eCommerce system which includes affiliate network access, and you’ll even have access to zero-risk, effective marketing you pay for only when it’s effective. Building your business around proven systems which don’t require a substantial startup investment is the single most cost-effective and efficient path to success. Look for eBook and MP3 file downloading support, paired with the payment processing and file hosting you need. Choosing the right tools and services today will affect the health and longevity of your business in the future; make sure you’re making informed decisions. Set your brand apart in a sea of indie authors; offer audio books alongside your eBooks, and watch your bottom line become healthier every day.

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